Personal Injury

Attorney Ted Updike has practiced law in Arizona since 1982. He and his staff have years of experience in negotiating with claims adjusters to accomplish prompt and fair settlements of his clients’ property damage and personal injury claims. He has an excellent record of settling claims thereby avoiding costly litigation but is ready and willing to do what’s necessary.  He has successfully represented numerous accident victims and their families. Ted is a member in good standing of the American Bar Association, Arizona State Bar Association, Maricopa County Bar Association and Arizona Trial Lawyers Association.

Injured in An Accident? Let Us Lift The Burden from Your Shoulders! If you are the Victim of a Personal Injury Accident victims of injuries caused by the fault of another should be aware of their rights and responsibilities. Maximum recovery for your losses depends on the preservation of those rights and your fulfillment of those responsibilities. For example, when a motorist is involved in an accident, certain basic procedures should be followed. Initially, the police should be called to the scene, the negligent driver should be cited, and a traffic accident report should be completed by the investigating officer.

Medical Care: If you are injured, you should request paramedics and/or an ambulance be summoned to the accident scene. Some injuries, especially those to the head, neck, and back, may not manifest themselves until several days after an accident. It is always wise to accept transportation by ambulance to an emergency facility for X-rays and examination. When you are released from the hospital or emergency facility, you should follow up with your family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor, obtain a referral from the hospital, a friend or family member. It is vital that you obtain proper and consistent medical treatment. Likewise, your injuries and their treatment must be well documented for you to obtain full recovery.

Photographs:  Photographs of the damaged vehicles and, where visible, of your injuries should be taken immediately after the accident. The film should be promptly processed and you should retain possession of the negatives. Periodic photos of your resolving injuries should also be taken.

Keep a Record of Financial Losses:  You should keep a record of lost earnings and sick leave and/or vacation days used as a result of your injuries. In addition to these losses, you may also be entitled to recover for expenses incurred for in-home care, travel to and from health-care providers, and prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Keep a Journal of Your Progress:  You should keep a complete and accurate diary of your pain, injury, discomfort and damages. This record should document the pain at the accident scene, during your hospital stay, and through each particular day your journal is kept. Be open and honest and express how you feel, what problems have arisen as a result of your accident, and how the accident and your injuries affect your life.

Consult a Qualified Attorney:  As soon as possible, arrange for a consultation with a personal injury attorney. If you are hospitalized or bedridden, we will arrange for an in-hospital or at-home visit. We also will investigate and evaluate your claim, contact the insurance companies, and effectively conduct negotiations on your behalf.  In other words, we will take the burden from your shoulders and let you concentrate on getting well.  You should provide your attorney with a list of all your healthcare providers and with a copy of your health and/or automobile insurance policies. We will submit your bills to the appropriate insurance companies for payment and will pursue all avenues of financial recovery. Our experienced staff understands the pain and stress of an injury producing accident, and will assist in resolving your accident-related problems. Do not discuss your accident with anyone – not even your insurance company – without first consulting your attorney. It may be in your best interest to have him present when answering questions or giving statements.

No Fee until Recovery:  We do not charge an hourly fee in personal injury cases; no fee is paid until recovery for an injured person is concluded. If you are injured in an auto, pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle, boating, slip or trip and fall or any other accident due to the negligence of another, call our office for a free consultation.

Personal Injury Fee Schedule:  Contingency fees are charged in most plaintiff personal/injury wrongful death matters.  This means a fee is contingent upon recovery on the clients behalf.  The client is always responsible for costs incurred on their behalf pursuant to ethics requirements of the State Bar.  The contingency fee is a percentage of the recovered amount and varies depending on the case.