Probate simply means administration of one’s estate after their death. If a person dies with a Will the administration and distribution is according to their expressed wishes. If a person dies without a Will and they have assets in their name, then their estate is handled pursuant to the law. A person needs to keep the “original” Will in a safe place and let the Personal Representative know where this is at. If there is only a copy of the Will found then there is a presumption that the Will was revoked. Through formal probate and proven circumstances a person’s copy of Will may be given credence and approval by the Court. Other matters that fall within the Probate Court’s jurisdiction are Guardianships and Conservatorships for children and incapacitated or elderly people. Our office will strive to help you better understand the issues and circumstances you will face in your particular circumstances. Although we normally require that fees be paid in advance, we can make exceptions in some cases.  In probate cases, once the estate is open, our fees are normally paid from the estate.  If you are not able to advance a retainer and wait to be reimbursed once the estate is open, we may consider waiting for our fees until they can be paid out of the estate.  The same may apply for some conservatorships (financial guardianships).

Lawyers time is billed at $300 per hour and legal assistant is billed at $100 per hour.